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Mary Scriver

I love little houses in general (though my own is a massive 800 sq. ft) and little yellow houses in particular (Spent a summer in one 400 sq ft. -- the bathroom was so small that to have enough room to dry off, one had to go into the kitchen.) These houses are indeed classic, very much like the San Francisco earthquake houses except that the earthquake houses each had a wood stove. Those teeny houses are much loved and still exist as inhabited spaces, sometimes tucked in behind big houses. SO much better than any size of tin trailer!

Prairie Mary

Laurence Aurbach

By the way, the Lowe's Katrina Cottage page is online, with plans by Cusato, Moser and DPZ:

Here's a direct link to the FAQ:

Here's a list of where the plans will be available starting Jan. 15, 2007. (Plans will be available later in Spring 2007 in all stores.)

Jeffrey Smith

I love it. In fact, considering my general course of scaling back as I get older, I wouldn't mind living in one.


I couldn't find your e-mail on this site; could you please write to the address I left above?
I need some professional advice (re: literature to prep myself for possible re-use work on neo-classical public building in Bkln)

Thanks in advance.

Pamela B

I would like to purchase a used FEMA travel trailer in Mississippi. How would I find out about those?

aion kinah

I like this car.

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