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Jeffrey Lu

I just stumbled across this site, absolutely love it; I am very much inspired by Classical Architecture.

After seeing the photo of the library of the Brooklyn Historical Society, I realised that I had seen something strikingly similar before! The College Library of my school, Eton College next to Windsor in England looks so much like it! Unfortunately I cannot find any images on the internet for a comparison...

Thanks for the site!


I wish I had a photograph of the Divinity Library at Yale. It has the same spacious and balanced feeling as the Brooklyn library above. Years ago, I trudged up Prospect Street just to imbibe the beauty of that library which I considered the perfect place to study or daydream. Old, missionary biographies surrounded me. A fireplace, rarely lit, was centrally placed at one end. Whispering "divines" occasionally shuffled past.

In many ways, it resembled an apse, not a library -- more church than state.

What ever happened to fireplaces in libraries? Their flickering light and occasional crackling sound created a perfect ambiance for thoughtful reading.


Daniel, from Brazil

I love people that finds time to post coments in sites like this one. still there is beauty in the world.


Seeing the Peabody Library makes me want to cry, it's so gorgeous. :)


thats the biggest libery i ever seen i hope i see it in real live.


Seeing these beautiful pictures makes you want to be a librarian!


wow:its very nice

aion kinah

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