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Terry Kearns

Thanks for saluting Mr. Alexander. The link to the article is broken though. Should be:


Nikos Salingaros

It is great to see Christopher's work recognized among the Classical Architecture community. Some of us who straddle both groups -- Classical and Alexandrian -- have long recognized the fundamental need for human-scale architecture that is independent of style. Our enemies, on the other hand, have long tried to pigeonhole all traditional practice as expired "styles" in order to marginalize us, even though Demetri Porphyrios' classic essay emphasized that "Classicism is not a style". I sincerely hope that traditional practitioners will find in Christopher's work some powerful tools both for design, and for fighting against the onslaught of inhuman architecture that now happens to be fashionable.

Cosmin Unguru

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aion kinah

There is in his work always a central place for nature, the human figure , and the applied endurance of time-tested patterns.

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